Weather & Seasons in Koh Tao

The weather in Koh Tao does change from season-to-season, but visitors will usually never feel cold and instead be treated to tropical temperatures, even if they also have to put up with the odd bit of cloud and rain. There are three fairly distinct seasons, however, so here is a rundown of them all.

High Season Koh Tao Weather

During the high season from December to February, the weather is at its best, with temperatures hovering at around 30°C, with clear skies and light breezes typical of a glorious European summer.

The seas are also usually calm and clear at this time of year. Despite still being hot, this period is Thailand’s winter and, as the heat is less intense and muggy than the rest of the year, it is considered to be the best time to visit. Prices, however, increase dramatically due to this fact.

There is the odd tropical downpour around December, but visitors will usually be treated to a completely rain-free holiday during this time. It is certainly not worth packing waterproofs if you’re holidaying in high season, as the only time you’ll be getting wet is during diving trips with visibility of around 15m.

Hot Season Koh Tao Weather

Koh Tao experiences some showers around February and March, but from April to May is classed as Thailand’s summer and, as such, the weather on Koh Tao can become extremely stifling during this time. Temperatures can commonly reach 40°C and there is usually no rain to freshen things up each day. The sea is typically calm, with low tides that lead to shallow waters on many beaches but visibility is at it’s best for diving trips.

The sky can also often be cloudy, although the UV rays remain more than strong enough for tanning enthusiasts. Locals living on the island tend to slow their pace of life down to cope with the heat and humidity. Although this is a sweaty and sometimes exhausting time to visit, prices are much cheaper and, as long as you’re near enough to some water to jump into, you can enjoy a perfectly pleasant holiday.

Koh Tao experiences it’s second ‘high season’ from July to Septemner to coincide with the European school holidays, and it can be a problem to find accommodation. Afternoon thunderstorms come with the southwest winds around June and can last until September when things brighten up a little.

Monsoon Season Koh Tao Weather

Although the visibility and weather on Koh Tao is fairly good between September and October, after this period there is heavy rain up until the first week of December.

Although you can experience the odd rather depressing day when it will rain constantly, storms usually only last around an hour when they come, and they can be quite refreshing and fun if you’re a fan of dramatic weather.

Despite these downpours you can still expect some sunshine, clear skies and temperatures of around 27-35°C. This is probably the best time for an off-season holiday, as prices are considerably lower for both accommodation and scuba diving due to the lack of crowds.

November and December sees quite consistent rain, although the monsoon season in Koh Tao is notoriously hard to predict, it is generally fairly mild. The seas can get quite rough in this period, but it is rare to have a stretch of more than a few of days without sun.